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"Discover The Secrets To Getting Bucket
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Worst Nightmare At The Same Time..."

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Dear Friend,

Hi, it's Howie Schwartz:)

Your about to hear a disastrous story. It's about an online marketer who lost everything because of one little blunder. And how to make sure you never become a victim of the same "bankrupt" situation.

To protect the "innocent" for being slapped by Google and the "guilty" for not being diversified, we are keep this person anonymous and call her Mary.

But first, let me give you a bit of my background just in case you don't know me.

I've been marketing full time online now for over ten years. In that time I've grown my various businesses into seven figure earners. And no, I didn't do it by selling "How to make money" products.

I've only been active in the I. M. market for about 3 years now. And still, I. M. only accounts for a small fraction of my income.

Before I took the plunge into the online world, I designed video games. But just like the scary times our economy is facing right now, my job was at risk.

Because this was during the "Dot Com Crash" back in 2001. Many other people just as qualified as me were losing their jobs everyday. Then to top it off, I truly wasn't fulfilled.

Fast forward to today, sounds familiar doesn't it...


"Can you relate to this..."


Having absolutely NO FREE TIME. It sucks. Working like a dog 100 hours a week. Sometimes literally sleeping under your desk at the office because you're too exhausted to go home.

Seeing your family about as often as two ships crossing in the night. And when you don't have to work, basically just wanting to sleep all day.

That was me...

But you gotta do what you gotta do when you have a family to support. So I decided I needed to TAKE CONTROL of my life, and the way to do it was online...


"It was not easy at first..."


Because back when I got started, there wasn't anybody that taught online marketing. It was all by trial and error. And believe me, most of the time I messed up... royally.

The problem these days is anybody can claim to be some sort of "Guru". And many people are out there "faking it" at YOUR expense.

Because they trick you into buying a bunch of junk showing outdated tactics that they've never even applied themselves.


"It's not your fault..."


Seriously, how can anyone possibly try and cut through all the clutter and find REAL help from an expert? One that actually practices what they preach in the real world...

It's not a good feeling when you try your best to make it online, only to find out that some "wana-be guru" sold you outdated information. Especially when you put in the effort and tried really hard.

Not to mention that these days it's more important than ever not to waste your time or hard earned money.


"The biggest mistake..."


Eventually I got pretty good at marketing. But I still made one mistake that nearly shut me down. I did not diversify my business and keep up with the latest tactics for driving traffic.

So what happened was my traffic started to decrease and I had no idea what to do about it. I would literally wake up at 2:00 AM in a cold sweat, fearing that my worst nightmare might come true.

Google does what's called the "Google Dance". This is when they change how they pick and choose who gets to be on page one for any given search term. And we all know that page one means MONEY!


"But when Google does a dance there's ALWAYS big losers..."


That's what happened to Mary and where the story begins.

See, I heard about Mary during an unfortunate time in her life. She was starting back from square one because she had just made...


"A $50,000.00 MISTAKE..."


It was just before the holiday season. Mary owned a website that sold neck ties for men. She had made all the right moves when building her business to eventually dominate page one of Google.

It was finally about to be her best year ever...

Now, since this was a physical product, Mary actually carried her own inventory. And because 85% of her annual business came during the holidays, she prepared by stocking up. To the tune of putting over $50,000.00 on some credit cards.


"But she wasn't prepared for this..."


The Florida Update in November of 2003.

That's when Google decided to clean house. Hoards of online businesses where flushed down the toilet in one swift motion. Mary's business was one of those wiped clean off the face of Google....

$50k plus worth of neck ties in her garage, and nobody to sell them to. She could not return them to the supplier. Christmas was right around the corner and she had to figure how she was going to survive for an entire year.


"Why did this happen..."


...Because she did not stay current with Google

...Because she only had one source of traffic

...Because she was not diversified

Fast forward to today, Google does "mini updates" every month. And every quarter they do "MAJOR updates", just like in 2003. These are the same "Google dances" that put Mary and many others out of business.


"This will most likely happen to you..."


I'm sorry about the negative tone of this letter. Having an online business is all about creating the ultimate in time and freedom for you and your family. And of course it's very realistic to achieve.

Heck, look at me. I have no marketing background and yet my online businesses bring in over seven figures a year!

But you MUST cover your assets...

Because if you don't one of two very real possibilities will eventually happen...

One- Google may do it's dance on your business (when it does, it's like having a 315 pound lady wearing six inch stilettos tap dance on your face) and these updates happen often.

Two- Somebody like me might decide to enter your niche and put you out of business. Somebody that stays CURRENT with all the latest tactics that get money. Somebody who adapts quickly to the always changing landscape of Google.

YES! Howie, I want to access all the secrets for only $7


"How to never be a victim..."


1) Diversify your traffic through multiple streams.

2) Stay on top of Google. Find out everything you can about upcoming "dances". Prepare for them by being informed and stay one step ahead.

And if something bad does happen to one traffic source, you'll rest easy knowing that you have many others to pick up the slack.


"Here's how to stay on top of Google..."


Well, at least this is how I do it. I have a development staff of 80+ people spread out around the globe. Every day my project managers get top secret underground reports from them.

Then, once a month I have a meeting with my project managers. They give me the full reports and we decide from there how to make sure our traffic remains consistent. (Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall during these meetings:)

Yes, this does cost me a small fortune. But it's worth it because the money that comes in every month justifies the cost.

And it definitely cures having sleepless nights and waking up in a cold sweat, wondering if I'll be able to feed my kids.

Of course, I'm not saying to go spend thousands every month to have a staff of "Google snitches". That isn't realistic for most people. But...


"You're about to gain access to my same informants
without spending thousands a month..."


We call this the Underground Traffic Society. Because we are the elite and the few who stay informed and and pump unlimited money out of Google like a Texas oil well!

...We don't worry about changes, we welcome them.

...We don't worry about competition, we destroy it.

...We don't even worry about the economy, in fact we embrace it.

...This is your invitation to join us.

YES! Howie, I want to access all the secrets for only $7


"What you get..."


One a month we'll be getting together via telephone or webinar. That's where I'll reveal the latest, most up to date secrets about getting bucket loads of money pumping traffic!

You'll see what's working NOW, not what worked yesterday. You can't find more up to date methods anywhere else on the web, I promises you that. Nobody dives deeper into the subject than me, nobody.

On these calls you will also get to ask questions. So if anything seems confusing, no worries. I've got you covered.

You'll also get a top secret report delivered to you each month, starting after the first call. This is in PDF format and it's a breakdown of everything new that my "informants" have gathered for that month.

Not only that, once a month you'll get a top secret video. This will explain step by step how to put everything you've discovered on the calls to work for you.

Also, in case of emergencies. When something big is about to happen I will call an emergency meeting to deliver the news. Sometimes it can be that important.

You'll discover the quickest and easiest ways to get diversified and STAY that way.


All the secret recordings and video training from previous months. You you can get up to speed LIGHTENING FAST!

This includes...

Seven 60 minute TOP SECRET audios...

Nineteen "over the shoulder" video training sessions...

35 "Done for you" keyword lists exposing the money in ripe, hot markets...


"Some of the topics we cover are..."

Advanced RSS Feed tactics

Document Sharing Sites

Mini Nets

Advanced Blog Networks

Traffic Funneling

Scalable Media Serving - (stuff no one talks about - how to
get banner traffic from your own network or sell it)


In other words...


"You'll become bullet proof to the Google dance..."


Because you have the power of all my top secret agents going to work for you each month! And you don't even have to do the hard part.

Obviously with reports coming in from 80+ different sources, that's a lot to sort through. But we take care of that by finding all the hidden gems. We make everything easy to digest and only dish out the meaty content... before the rest of the world knows about it!

YES! Howie, I want to access all the secrets for only $7


"But don't take my word for it, listen to what
REAL PEOPLE say about my tactics..."



You are incredible Howie! You Have Recession Proofed My Business!

Hi Howie,

Take a look at the stats on this site!! I first heard you speak in April of 2008.

I started to apply your Social Media Marketing techniques and strategies to this site right after I heard you.

This site has gone from under 16 thousand unique visitors per month to almost 63 thousand!

My banker wants to kiss you.

Mark G.


PS. I have been using you concepts on many other sites with similar success!


Hi Howie,
"You are simply amazing! I will not address you as a guru because you are not one of those that's been feeding me with crap and wasting my time all along."

"I Implement a few steps from you and woolla! the elusive traffic and money in bank account. When someone says "change we can believe in", I say to whoever is reading this, you better believe this or better, don't believe. You are one competitor trained by Howie that I don't want to face."




+Thanks Howie

"The research components on drilling down on a competitive phrase, been breath taking. Your insights will help me to dominate my chosen niche, as I'm sure they are clueless."

"All I can say as you have proven yourself to an exceptional teacher, makes complex ideas reachable for the man in the street."

I look forward to your other programs you release as your material is based on thinks that actually work, rather than rehashed yesterday thinking"


Rowan Shead



"I have learned more from Howie in 2 months than all the ebooks and tools I have read or used over the past 2 years since starting my online business. Howie holds nothing back and tells you how it is, and more importantly, how to make money using methods that work today, not some lame strategy that's old, dusty and useless. I only listen to Howie because he practices what he preaches and the results don't lie."

Thanks Howie for keeping it real!



YES! Howie, I want to access all the secrets for only $7



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Not too long ago I sold a package revealing the HOTTEST keywords in the BEST niches. I spent $231,954.22 on Adwords testing and tweaking to see what worked best over a period of 2 years.

Then, I took all the BUYERS keywords straight out of my log files...


These Are Not Normal Keyword Lists You Find On Generators,
Or In Databases... Or Anywhere... YOU Have Ever Seen!


Seriously, this is the very first time I've ever seen this level of access provided before... Imagine stealing the server logs of Flaming-Hot, and really expensive keywords, niche sites --- and use every single keyword that REAL PEOPLE hit the sites with!

Look, these hot keyword lists provide you with a serious opportunity!  All the work has been done for you.  2 years worth of time has been put into this.  HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars have been spent on these keyword lists!

I sold each niche keyword package separately for $297.00 or I had a special offer to get 5 packs for a discount at $600, saving $885.00.

Currently that package is off the market.


"Right now these niches are even HOTTER in this economy..."


The Business Opportunity Niche 66,364 keywords
$297.00 Value

The Scholarship and College Niche 25,211 keywords
$297.00 Value

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The Job Seekers and Career Niche 57,747 keywords
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BONUS! Every Month You Get A Brand New Keyword list
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$297.00 Value

All of these niches are growing faster than you could imagine. And, the buyers in these markets are PROVEN to be rabid and repeat buyers. The possibilities are endless!

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"How to flood you bank account with money
using these keyword lists..."


Use them in your PPC campaigns without any guesswork!

Put them to work for you in the organic search using the latest tactics you'll discover in the Underground Traffic Society.

Use them in automatic page generators

Use them to quickly and easily find WHITE HOT products! Go to the Clickbank marketplace, Commission Junction, or even the CPA networks with first hand knowledge of what people are hungry to buy, then sell it to them using the keyword lists and secret traffic tactics!

You can even use this information to develop you OWN products.

Put these keywords in your articles to get more FREE traffic.

Discover who your competitors are (so you can plan your attack)

"Borrow" ideas from your competition (before you take them out:)

You can find new link partners

You can discover hot new properties to advertise on (this is huge)

You can even find sites you'd like to buy (hostile take-over)

YES! Howie, I want to access all the secrets for only $7


"The magic formula that gets money like clockwork..."


I'd be willing to bet you already know this. But you've gotten stuck on one or more of the components.

First, you need to identify a starving market.

Next, you need to find products that they want to buy.

Then, you need to drive traffic to you offers. This could be affiliate offers or your own products.

That's it, but it's not always that easy... until now!

...Because you'll have inside access to the HOTTEST niches spending money right now. (So finding products will be a snap)

...Because you'll have the BEST keyword lists of REAL BUYERS extracted from website log files. (So you won't have to spend a fortune and eternity trying to figure out which keywords work and which are duds.)

...Because you'll have the most closely guarded insider secrets about getting hoards of traffic, straight from my 80+ informants. NOTHING out there is more fresh and up to date about what's working NOW, in the real world.


"The Deal..."


The total value for everything you get just this month is worth $1582.00. Then, the value for what you get every month afterwards is $394.00 a month.

But you're not going to pay $1582.00

You're not going to pay $997.00

Not even $497.00

And no, you're not even going to pay $97.00...


"The REALLY Big Deal..."


LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP PREVIEW! This is completely unheard of. Nobody I know has ever done this, not even me.

But for this week only I'm going to give you FULL ACCESS into the Underground Traffic Society for only $7. Your access is good for a full 14 days.

When that time is up, you have the OPTION to become a lifetime member...


I am not going to do the typical "Forced continuity" that we're used to seeing. I'm not going to try and "Sneek in" and automatically bill you in 14 days.

Because I don't have to. I'm so confident you'll love what you're about to get so much that you'll want unlimited lifetime access so you can always be on top of Google.

So, in 14 days I'll send you an email asking if you want to remain an exclusive member. If you do, (And I'm sure you will) great! You can pay for it then. If you don't, no worries, you will not be billed.

And the price... well it's only $88 ONE TIME, NO RECURRING.

To put that in perspective, lets say you stick around for one year...

THAT'S A TOTAL VALUE OF $6213.00 for just $7! The value is even greater the longer you stay informed because this is a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with no recurring charges!

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Nope, that's not a misprint. I'm so confident that you'll absolutely love and profit from being a member of The Underground Traffic Society that I'm willing to raise the bar once again.

If at any time within the next 365 days you decide you don't like making more money online, just drop us an email for a no questions, no hassle refund.


Fair enough? (I think so)


This offer is only good for the first 200, 178, 125, 92, 29, 9 marketers
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...PEACE OF MIND, No more sleepless nights worrying about the next "Google dance". Because you have the POWER of my 80+ informants working around the clock to keep you one step ahead of Google.

...Having multiple sources of traffic working for you even while you sleep, pumping money into you bank account.

...Finally not needing to spend your kids college fund on AdWords and HOPE that things work out, before your spouse kicks you out.

...Entering the HOTTEST niches that MAKE BANK with keywords that convert because they are extracted straight from website log files!

...Being able to live the internet dream of FREEDOM, because you cracked Google's secret code every single month and destroyed your competition.

...Working whenever you damn well please, or taking that well deserved time off in a luxury resort on a tropical paradise!

...Telling your BOSSHOLE where to shove it because you now make more money in one day than he/she makes in a month!


"Here's what I want you to do..."


If you made it this far, if you're ready to get your "money-pages" ranked lightning fast, then congratulations! It's a big step that most will never take.

All you need to do is click a link below to get your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP PREVIEW for just $7 one time!

Then, you'll be given full access to the membership site!

Watch listen, and read everything carefully and take notes. Then, take action! Don't sit around thinking "gee, that's cool", put it to work for you NOW!

I look forward to seeing you on our first call!

YES! Howie, I want to access all the secrets for only $7


Take care,




PS- Don't end up like Mary did. Stay ahead of every "Google slap" and "Google dance" before they ever happen (they happen every month)

PPS- Put my team of 80+ informants to work for you each month to ensure your safety in this shaky economy. PLUS- get all the secrets from our past training sessions!

PPPS- Steal my BUYERS KEYWORDS worth over 200K in the hottest niches... straight from website log files!

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